XPL7 – Contraceptive For Emergency Use

XPL7 is made from a herbal formulation which contains extracts from edible plants.

  • It does not contain any hormones or steroids.
  • Unlike the pill it does not have to be taken everyday -no more problems with forgetting.
  • Use only when needed -and only once within 72 hours AFTER an unprotected sex.
  • Easy to use – as simple as inserting a tampon.
  • Does not require a doctor’s visit or medical supervision. It ensures your privacy.
  • It requires no hospitalization or any additional medication.
  • Low Cost and no side effects.

XPL7 Gold – Contraceptive For Regular Use.

XPL7 Gold contains four suppositories that have to be used in a month. This Dates Generator program gives you the exact dates



XPL7 is a herbal formulation. It does not detect diagnose treat or cure any disease. Not FDA approved.