Q: Can this product be used more than once a month ?
A: Yes, this product can be used at any time during your monthly cycle when you think you run the risk of becoming pregnant. It should be used everytime you have an unprotected sexual exposure during the risky period. Do not use more than two suppositories in a 72 hour period.

Q: What is in this suppository ?
A:The suppository contains 95% PEG which is main component of most suppositories and is approved by the FDA for such applications. The other five percent is a proprietary herbal formulation developed and tested by Phytonics. The exact formulation is a trade secret but it consists of extracts of many edible herbs that are used in the south east asia.
In summary XPL7 is an oriental herbal formulation contained in proven western suppository technology.

Q: How does this product work ?
A: XPL7 contains a herbal formulation based on edible plants and herbs.Once it is inserted the suppository melts and the active ingredients are absorbed by the endothelium (inner lining of the skin). The active ingredient modifies the properties of the lining of the uterus so that it prevents implantation. Once the egg cannot implant itself in the uterus it is rejected and removed by the natural menstrual cycle. With each cycle the lining of the uterus is replaced so the formulation has no effect on the next reproductive cycle.

Q: What happens after the product is inserted ?
A: XPL7 is a vaginal suppository that dissolves within 30 minutes of insertion. Some leakage is normal, please use a feminine pad. Some users have reported minor cramping – similar to that during a menstrual period. It does not start a period. The normal timing of the monthly period is not disturbed. No other side effects have been reported.

Q: Why this product cannot be used as an edible pill ?
A: If the product is ingested the digestive mechanism breaks down the molecules of the active ingredients and they are no longer effective. A vaginal suppository is able to deliver the active ingredients to the target area and very small amounts of the formulation are more effective in producing the desired results.

Q: Do you have Patent for this formulation ?
A: Herbal formulations are based upon folk medicine and hundreds of years of usage but they are difficult to patent because the patent office requires exact details and quantities of all the active ingredients. In herbal formulations there may be a group of active ingredients that work together to produce the desired effect and their amounts can vary over a range and still be effective. Such variables are difficult to isolate and control and even more difficult to enforce as a patent. Therefore this formulation is kept as a trade secret, but all the information on its safety and mechanism of action are disclosed.

Q: How does it compare with the Pill
A: The conventional pill works in a number of ways . It contains the hormone estrogen which slows down the ovulation process so that the ovaries do not produce the egg. The other mechanisms include thickening of the mucus fluids which slow down the movement of the sperm and reduce the chances of it fertilising the egg. The regular intake of estrogen does alter the hormonal balance and may result in many side effects associated with the pill. The daily regimen of adding estrogen to the body results in a hormonal imbalance to which the body reacts to correct on a daily basis. This imbalance and the resulting effort by the body to counteract this imbalance results in both short and long term side efftects. In many European countries the pill is prescribed with much greater discretion by the professionals.

XPL7 works by preventing implantation. It works only for the one time that it is used and has no long term effects.

Q: Does it have any side effects.
A: Since this product is made from edible herbs which the body has consumed for hundreds of years it is unlikely to have any side effects. However as a further safety measure, it is recommended that if you are taking any other medication that you do not use this product.This product will not work if you are taking Aspirin or other analgesics.

Q: What happens if the suppository is ingested ?
A: This product is made from products that are not toxic or harmful in any way. If this product is eaten by accident it may produce diahrrea. If it is ingested drink a lot of water .

Q: What is Emergency Contraception
A: Emergency Contraception is a high dosage of the regular contraceptive pills that the patient can use on the morning after a sexual intercourse. Once again it introduces large amounts of hormones in the body that can interrupt the process of ovulation, fertilization and or implantation.

Q: Can this product be used as a backup contraceptive ?
A: Since this product has an independent mechanism of action and it does not depend on other factors , it can be used as a backup contraceptive measure ( for example if the patient forgot to take the pill).

Q: Is this product approved by the FDA ?
A: No, because FDA approval costs hundreds of millions of dollars and many years. Herbal products have been in use long before the development of the western medicines and have proven their safety and efficacy over a very long period of use.

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XPL7 is a herbal formulation. It does not detect diagnose treat or cure any disease. Not FDA approved.