How to use it?

XPL7 is a herbal plant based vaginal suppository. As simple to use as inserting a tampon.

For XPL7 GOLD Follow the schedule that is shown on the box or on the main page. There are 4 suppositories in the monthly pack. They should be used on the 7, 12,19 and 22nd days after the end date of the last period. Use the Dates Generator App to get the exact dates for using XPL7 Gold suppositories.

To use this product, first wash your hands and relax.

Use a single suppository package. If the suppository is too soft , place it in the refrigerator for five minutes this will make it firm and easier to handle.

Open the suppository by separating the tabs and pulling them apart as shown here is the picture.

Lie down on a bed and insert and push the suppository up the vaginal canal using your index finger.

Rest in bed for two hours after using the suppository allowing it to dissolve and get absorbed by the body. Some leakage is normal – use a feminine pad.

One suppository should be used within 72 hours of each intercourse even in the case of multiple sexual exposures within the 72 hour period.

Do not use more than two suppositories in a 72 hour period.
Do not use this product if you are taking any other medication.
This product will not work if you are taking Aspirin or other analgesics.

If you feel sick or run a high fever after using this product. Stop using this product and see a doctor.

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