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There is an increased awareness and acceptance in the public of the ability of certain plants and herbs to promote good health.

Plants and herbs in various forms have been used as medicines for thousands of years prior to the development of synthetic drugs. Plants and their components are still the source of many synthetic drugs in use to-day.

Western synthetic approach to medicine is based upon the isolation of a single active molecule which shows effectivenss in combating a certain disease or condition. The active molecule is then administered to the patient in a highly concentrated form to the whole body rather than just the effected area. This approach of attacking the body with a large number of molecules produces reactions from the rest of the body in the form of side effects or in many cases allergic reactions.

Herbal medicines are generally complete extracts of plants (leafs or roots ) which may have desirable medicinal properties . The whole extract is a group of various molecules which act as a system in producing the desired effect.In many cases refining the extract to concetrate the ‘active’ ingredients results in a formulation which is ineffective. The herbal extract act as a system of medications which have minimal side effects.

Herbal and plant based formulations which are made from edible plants are already ‘known’ to the human body and are less likely to produce indesirable side-effects. XPL7 formulation is based upon edible plants and herbs and is made 100 percent from plant based products with no synthetic steroids or hormones. The active ingredients when normally consumed are broken down by the digestive system and have very little effect upon the reproductive functions. The use of very small quantities of these natural ingredients as a suppository have a very different effect. These effects have been tested extensively in the lab and in-vivo models to check the effects of various amounts , repeated usage and any side-effects.

XPL7 is a herbal formulation. It does not detect diagnose treat or cure any disease. Not FDA approved.