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Prostaglandins and XPL7. Old Science is New Again

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

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Prostaglandins And XPL7

Old Science is New Again. What was discovered in 1950s is working in 2017.

For his work on 1950s  Sune Bergstrom from Sweden won the 1982 Nobel Prize for his work  on Prostaglandins and its effects of on the human body including the female reproductive system.  His work showed the great promise of Prostaglandins for contraception. (See Figure 11 in this reference paper)

Briefly, Prostaglandins are Lipids (fatty, waxy molecules) that are made locally by various organs of the body to fight illness and infections. These molecules have a very short life and they interact with the various receptors in the body to locally, produce different effects.

In 2016 , here is a  brief review of the work has been done on this subject and at least eight different types of receptors have been discovered in the human body which can bind with prostaglandins to produce different effects which vary from muscle contractions to dilation or contractions of blood vessels.

During the monthly female menstrual cycle the lining of the uterus is replaced so that it is ready to accept and attach a new fertilized egg.  During this cycle the uterus grows a new lining with new blood vessels which are very fine and delicate and very small amounts of chemicals can have significant effects on them.

XPL7 is a natural product that works with the mechanism of prostaglandins. XPL7 is a vaginal suppository that does not contain prostaglandins; rather it promotes their formation in the uterus area. These prostaglandins then modify the lining of the uterus so that the egg is not able to attach to it. Since these prostaglandins act locally and for a very short time there are no long term detrimental effects.

Any product or process (aspirin or other analgesics and similar pain suppressing drugs) that block the formation of Prostaglandins also make XPL7 less effective. In fact this is one of the main contraindications for XPL7.

XPL7 users are strongly advised not to use any analgesics or other pain medications 24 hours before and 12 hours after using the suppository.

XPL7 has been offered as an herbal option since 2000. For more information Click here