How it works

XPL7 is a vaginal contraceptive suppository . When it is used within 72 hours (3 Days) after an unprotected sexual exposure it can prevent pregnancy.

Proposed Mechanism of action: There are a group of fatty acid derivatives called Prostaglandins that are produced in most tissues of the body and have varying physiologic actions.

Sune Bergstrom a swedish scientist won the Nobel Prize in 1982 for his work on Prostaglandins. To read one of his articles Click Here. See pages 10-12. ( Acrobat reader required.)

Prostaglandins act in a manner similar to that of hormones, by stimulating target cells into action. However, they differ from hormones in that they act locally, near their site of synthesis, and they are metabolized very rapidly. Another unusual feature is that the same prostaglandins act differently in different tissues. The effects of Prostaglandins on the reproductive process have been well documented.

Analgesics like Aspirin and other pain killer medications supress or prevent the formation of Prostaglandins and will reduce the effectiveness of XPL7.

IMPORTANT: Do Not Take Aspirin or Other Analgesics or Pain Killer medications at least 6 Hours before and 2 Hours After Using XPL7.

Prostaglandins have diverse actions dependent on cell type but are known to generally cause smooth muscle contraction. The vasoconstrictive and muscle constricting activities of prostaglandins contribute to the normal sloughing of the endometrial lining during menstruation. The fatty acids in the herbal formulation are synthesised into Prostaglandins which may trigger and or accelerate this process.

The herbal formulation contained in XPL7 contains some fatty acids that are converted into Prostaglandins by the body tissue and can produce their effects on a cell level in the endothelium.

XPL7 Gold

XPL7 Gold is a regimen of four suppositories which are to be used according to the schedule shown on the package or using the dates given by our Dates Generator program. This will provide contraceptive protection for the whole month.

Please Note: The Contraindications specified for XPL7 are also appplicable for XPL7 Gold.

XPL7 is a herbal formulation. It does not detect diagnose treat or cure any disease. Not FDA approved.