XPL7 Gold

XPL7 Gold – Contraceptive For Regular Use.

XPL7 Gold is a regimen for four suppositories that have to be taken on certain days (6,12,17,22 days) after the end of the last period. Use this easy Dates Generator Program to get the dates on which to use the XPL7 Gold suppositories. XPL7 Gold is designed as an alternative to the monthly hormonal Pill. It contains no hormones or steroids therefore it has none of their side effects.

  • XPL7 Gold is especially suitable for nursing mothers who are concerned about passing the hormones to the infants through their milk.
  • For women who cannot take the regular Pill due to its hormonal side effects like the risk of blood clots.
  • Women experiencing mood swings due to the Pill
  • Weight gain
  • For women with diabetes and high blood pressure conditions.



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thanks for all your help!!… PLEASE put this on your website!:
i absolutley loved XPL7! it was a dream come true! it was easily accessable, and you dont need to go to a docter, hospital, or even step foot out of your own home!! there was no side affects, like there is with the morning after pill. i could not thank you more for this product!! i was VERY nervous about using a product that i was unaware of, but online aide helped me out with every one of my concerns!! i deffinitly recommend this product to everyone and anyone! …

…this from a Doctor who used XPL7
I used the product after being quite sure that i was potentially carrying. i was skeptical because of how my body handles vaginal products, but i had absolutely no adverse reaction to the product, and came out of the experience without undesirable conditions. i would highly recommend this product, and if the event arose again, i would definitely reorder….

Yes, i am very satisfied with this product, it safe and easy to use. What a miracle worker! thank you very much.

Thanks for your fast dependable service. I am thrilled to have found your product. Since I’m over 30, traditional birth control methods such as ‘the pill’ are an unhealthy choice for me. Thank you for providing a safe and effective alternative. I’ve purchased more than once and will surely purchase again….

I am over 40 and I have been using XPL7 for the last 3 years. The pills have so many side affects I was looking for something more natural and safer.My friend recommended this product as she uses it. It is wonderful and so easy to use. I am very satisfied. I travel quite often and it’s so easy to just take it with you. I love the convenience of it. Your service is always fast and dependable. Thanks so much for such a great product. I will definitely continue to order….

I was so thrilled to find a product that was all natural and effective. Having to take the pill or any other inconvenient methods was not an option for me. This product is absolutly the best thing I could have found it’s like a dream come true…

XPL7 is a herbal formulation. It does not detect diagnose treat or cure any disease. Not FDA approved.